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G-DATA AntiVirus 2011 v21.0.2.1

G Data AntiVirus 2011 | 260 MB

G Data provides the best protection without sacrificing performance PCs. Increase the scanning speed and an even smaller memory requirements due to a self-learning technology "file print" and technology "white list". Advanced proactive detection of unknown viruses through optimized behavioral control and significantly reduce the amount of data when you install and update software through changes in the "cloud" technology. G Data AntiVirus product sets a new expanded scope of security to protect against viruses, spyware and phishing.

System requirements:

PC with Windows 7 (32/64Bit), WindowsVista (32/64Bit) or Windows XP (from SP2, 32/64Bit), 512 MB RAM

New items in G Data 2011:
New "cloud" technology
Optimized behavioral control
The new �one click� Interface
Optimized self-learning technology "Fingerprint File"
User-friendly controls user account
This latest technology, dual-scan

Maximum protection against program-record holder, winner of tests:
� continuous detection of viruses in the optimal mode;
� for many years provided the fastest response time to new viruses;
� apply the latest methods for detecting unknown viruses (behavioral analysis (behavior blocking), heuristics (heuristics), �cloud protection technology (cloud security).
Simple user guide - ideal for beginners:
� a new user interface based on "one click" - all clear at first sight;
� automatically performs all the functions of protection, while remaining virtually invisible against the background of other applications.

OutbreakShield (Protection against epidemics)
OutbreakShield reacts to the emergence of viruses instantly and blocks infected messages in real time - regardless of updates antivirus signatures. G Data's products provide instant protection after 0, 5 - two minutes after the epidemic. G Data Software responds to the emergence of viruses and operates much faster than any other antivirus software.
Dual scan technology
A virus scanner can not provide reliable protection. Two anti-virus engine complement each other and guarantee a 100 - percent detection of viruses. G Data AntiVirus provides a simultaneous test with the help of two best in the world of anti-virus engines. The unique technology of dual scanning allows thorough detection of viruses and offers the best protection.

Known files from trusted manufacturers (eg, system files Microsoft) are not checked software G Data for viruses. Thus accelerating the process of scanning, and important information not found error.
Fingerprinting - a self-learning technology by which shall not be re-scan data. The results of the scan of files at each subsequent scans are compared with the so called "fingerprints". "Pure" file is checked after the update signatures. Time interval before re-checking every time increases. This software G Data �learning, and, therefore, checking the computer every time is faster.

The procedure for treatment:
1. Install the program. (Select Install trial version)
2. Make sure you are connected to the Internet
3. Reboot the computer.
4. Run the file TR.exe (internet connections of must be active)
5. Select "BBs License" and click "RESET"

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