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Ragini MMS (2011) DVD Rip Full Movie

Ragini MMS (2011) DVD Rip Full Movie Mediafire Link (size 692 MB)

Release Date: 12 May 2011
Director: Pawan Kripalani
 Genres: Horror | Thriller
Cast: Raj Kumar Yadav,
Kainaz Motivala
Storyline: Ragini MMS is a sensuous paranormal film, shot as if in real time!
The quintessential couple, Ragini and Uday, set out to have a dirty weekend at a friend's farmhouse on the outskirts of Mumbai. The weekend getaway quickly changes gears as they find themselves in a house that has been rigged with cameras inBigg Boss style.
The cameras that were meant to capture love-making are witness to something thatis beyond the realm of human understanding...something metaphysical....
Within the confines of this house, Ragini and Uday are now at the mercy of an unexplainable paranormal force. With sundown approaching, what will the new entrants of the house do?
Positively, among the most keenly awaited films of the season, Ragini MMS, a hybrid offact and fiction, is thrilling voyeurism fromthe producers of Love Sex Aur Dhokha.
Runtime: 92 mins


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