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Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final

Guitar Pro 6.0.9 r9934 Final
Guitar Pro is a versatile application in editing for guitar, banjo and bass.Ngoai working composer, Guitar Pro is a comprehensive tool for people who are proficient, as well as new players in training, compose, or simply voice cast flower when.

Feature Guitar Pro:

   1. Powerful, simple and intuitive. Guitar Pro allows you to compose music for guitar, bass or other instrument to a stringed musical glasses within minutes.
   2. View and listen to your songs more ban.Xa,, Guitar Pro allows you to monitor and test it but the notes with the best conditions.
   3. A Complete Workshop for the Guitarist. Guitar Pro includes many tools for the guitarist such as the chord diagram generator, sound system custom guitar, custom bar, split-level tool for the music part ...
   4. Import, Export and Share! Import and export of data to MIDI and ASCII format, and enjoy the music, but tens of thousands of Guitar Pro format available on the Internet.


    * RSE [Realistic Sound Engine] with the new sound of mainstream instruments-listen to some samples.
    * New interface.
    * 4 Display Modes: Page, parchment printing, screen vertical, horizontal screen.
    * Scrolling and Zoom from 30% to 200%.
    * How to be displayed with the score completely new design (similar to the music book published).
    * Automatic orientation, and about how individual notes for the characters avoid the collision creates space.
    * Install new window
    * Standard advanced symbol (effects, sound ...)
    * Manuscript Configuration for each Track (only the music part, standard notation only or both, diagrams ...)
    Multiple tools selected are used to compose and play music.
    * Playing of a selected part with Multiple Selection (also works in repeat play mode).
    * Move Tracks Up and Down.
    * Supports voice Voice Support (lead and bass)
    * Coda, Segno (single and double), Fine + 14 possible to move step dancing.
    * 8va, 8vb, 15mA and 15mb
    * Effects triad to the bar (8th or 16th)
    * Improve the alternate ending.
    * Improved notes.
    * Possibility to add Effects on Tied Notes.
    * Curve and the vibration of the bullets expanded.
    * Full support of the measure sound artificial flowers.
    * Wah-wah
    * Top right tone for an Instrument.
    * Diagrams displayed with the score and / or under title.
    * Improved speed
    * Import / Export Music XML.
    * PowerTab.
    * TablEdit Import
    * Export to PDF format.
    * Improved import / export of ASCII.
    * Export to a perfect page of BMP
    * Improved and boiling WAVE output formats (using Windows (r) Mixer)

Guitar Pro 6.0.9 - Latest Release (r9934)

* [Added] New user interface for soundbank selection, by way of an integrated browser.
* [Added] Integrations of RSE soundbank changes and / or pickup into the track changes.
* [Added] New lossless compression algorithm for the incoming soundbanks.
* [Added] MacOS 10.7 Lion-support.
* [Fixed] Stability issue on Windows Vista.
* [Fixed] Symbols and fingering for pick upstrokes and downstrokes can be placed on tied notes.
* [Fixed] In Jazz, C time signature was Invisble.
* [Fixed] Undo (Ctrl + Z) did not restore the second voice.
* [Fixed] A crash was thể khi using multi-voice editing.
* [Fixed] Snare did not consider playing style brush.

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  1. nih guitar pro terbaru gan?

    cara install full gmn nih?

  2. Seperti biasa gan... install sampai beres terus buka file ReadMe_ENG.txt disana ada cara'y lalu keygen ada di folder Guitar.Pro.v6.0.7.9063.Windows.Keymaker-EMBRACE selamat berkreasi....

  3. oo iy gan..
    soundbank'ny bs pake yg dr GP 6 versi sebelumnya kan?

  4. sepertinya bisa gan... coba aja dulu, karna saya belum pernah coba. saya tunggu infonya dari agan ok....?


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