Senin, 27 Juni 2011

TweakIE9 2.0

TweakIE9 2.0 Size 2.95 MB

TweakIE9 is a freeware software tool created by the Community. TweakIE9 lets you as te name states tweaks and customize Windows Internet Explorer 9.

TweakIE9 compared to other third-party IE9 tweak tools which are made for Windows Internet Explorer gives the end user most of the control and allows the end user to restore Windows Internet Explorer 9.

With this nice and funny User Interface we believe that many end users that use this tool will feel comfortable and have fun.

TweakIE9 has some cool features which end users can use.

  • Tweaking and Customizing.
  • Restore IE9.
  • Make a custom homepage.
  • Make a special Internet Explorer 9.0 shortcuts.

System Requirements:
  • Operating System: Windows Vista/7.
  • Memory: Minimum 12MB - Recommended 2GB or greater.
  • CPU: x86/x64.
  • Windows Internet Explorer: Internet Explorer 9.0.

 Download Here :

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