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USB Safely Remove v4.6.2.1140 Final

USB Safely Remove v4.6.2.1140 Final Size 5.26 MB
USB Safely Remove is a utility that allows interrupt devices to connect easily and quickly. Not only saves time, the program also ensures all data is preserved on the device to be opened. Safely Remove is a system utility designed to stop the USB Flash drive is connected to the computer quickly and safely than the "Safely remove hardware" of the system.


    * Implementation of the number of processes are not limited
      You can specify the number of critically test any process for a certain event. For example you can set the backup execution to drive before stopping and removing the drive TrueCrypt
    * The command line parameter options
      You can pass parameters such as device drive letter, label, name PNP devices on the command line process through the model parameters (such as this line will approve a drive in Explorer when the device is connection: explorer.exe% DriveLetter%)
    * The new event running programs
      The program can now be executed after the device plugged in, before / after the device stops, and after removing the device.
    * Auto run locally
      You can set up a program that runs not only for a certain device, but for all the hot plug devices in the system

The sample autorun a click!
You do not like to read over the documents but tedious to implement the following tasks?

  • Browse your drives Explorer or Total Commander with the device connected
  • Scans the device when connected
  • Create automatic backups of a folder on your flash drive
  • Automatic load / remove a TrueCrypt drive storage device
We have prepared the autorun form allows you to perform tasks in just a few clicks without the need to read over the

 Download Here :
Download - Precracked | v4.6.2.1140 Final

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